Rebecca Reusch from Berlin is still considered as missing. However, there is now, finally, the decisive hint?

Rebecca Reusch is since the 18th century. February 2019 missing. The brother-in-law of the girl is suspected of investigators still. Now, new evidence could bring the turning point.

Update from 26. May 2020: the missing Rebecca Reusch from Berlin, every track is still missing. While investigators now apparently search the near abroad in the attack, appears in the network, a new Social-Media-profile with the name of the girl.

The April opened a Facebook account under the name of the missing student, a discussion will prompt. While the profile uses the name of the student, and even pictures of the missing girl has been uploaded, has been specified in the profile description that the girl had moved to Tennessee in the USA .

by Rebecca, published images of other users venting their anger. “It is a missing Person and here is something to be deceptive. Just vile and despicable“ is there to read, among other things, to. Other users of the platform to denounce, to report to the founder of the Facebook page in the police . Who founded the obvious Fake profile, is not known.

Missing Rebecca Reusch internationally – leading action of a football club now a breakthrough?

Update from 25. May 2020: On 18. February 2019 disappeared, the then 15-year-old Rebecca Reusch in Berlin-Britz, since then, any trace of the pupil is missing. A variety of search actions was not a success, but the investigators do not give up.

Rebecca Reusch missing: International search for Berlin schoolgirl

Recently we tried to locate the phone of the Berliner abroad in Eastern Europe. Now it is searched for using the social networks to the international according to Reusch. The International missing children’s day on the 25. May have started calls on Twitter, which could help in the search for the Missing.

The Initiative “Football Cares” was once the Italian football club AS Roma as the charity launched. On the occasion of the International day of missing children created “Football Cares” Videos with images, missing children in Europe . Twitter Accounts with a large range, such as the FIFA or ECA (European Club Association), which shared the Video. The image of Rebecca Reusch was also the display , currently click world Missing.

The call numbers the Videos are already in six digits, and could reach many people. In addition, the Twitter Videos are provided with a telephone number where information can be received. The case of Rebecca Reusch raises still unresolved issues and is one of the most enigmatic missing persons cases in recent German detective story.

Rebecca Reusch missing: investigators are pursuing a new track

Berlin – It’s now one of the most mysterious criminal cases of German history. Since February 2019 strong> Rebecca Reusch from Berlin , lacking any trace of the then-15-year-olds<. The student long dead? Now, investigators could follow a new track.

Rebecca Reusch missing: Is informed of the case?

When the then 15-Year-old in the house of their sister in Berlin-Britz stayed, knows no one, that Rebecca would apply as soon as missing. Although since the 18th century. February 2019 no target-leading notes was received on the whereabouts of the girl, hope the parents of the Missing still a good end.

The investigator , however, early attracted already the death of the then-15-Year-olds into account. The brother-in-law of the girl was only 10 days after the Disappear to the attention of the investigators, on 28. February 2019 was arrested Florian R. first.

Rebecca Reusch Berlin-missing: New information could clear up the case

Despite large-scale search actions Rebecca is still gone forever. However, the missing person’s case could be solved soon? As the picture reported now, namely, hope for investigators new traces by mobile data from abroad.

+ Of Rebecca Reusch from Berlin is still lacking any trace. ©dpa / —

such As state’s attorney Martin Glage to the sheet, is to be sought, therefore, also in the European countries of the then 15-Year-olds. “We want to leave no stone unturned, and seek help to the competent Authorities made,” says Glage accordingly.

Rebecca Reusch missing: mainly the Eastern European countries in focus

Accordingly, the Request was made, especially in the Eastern European countries, up to Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine to search for Rebecca now. Using the evaluation by the foreign authorities could be used to determine whether the mobile phone of the Missing was logged in the respective country .

Rebecca Reusch missing: Prosecutor reiterates

From image Glage explains further: The data retention is regulated in some States are generous and there are longer storage periods.“

investigators hope to the Eastern European countries is not without reason that new information. Shortly after the Disappearance of the pupil of the brother-in-law the girl moved into the sights of the investigation.

Rebecca Reusch missing: brother-in-law is always claimed to be suspected

During Florian R. namely, first of all, after returning from a Celebration to have that Morning sound asleep, registered the car of the cook of a license plate recognition system on the A12 in the direction of Poland. A day later, the car was again on the motorway in the direction of Frankfurt (Or) recorded.

Although the brother-in-law is silent on the records , and still insists, to the question hours of the morning in bed, believes the family of the missing Rebecca still in his innocence.

missing cases: Of these persons, each track

Mysterious case in NRW: From the reliable existing family father Ulrich Jaschke from Dinslaken continues to be a lack of any track.

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