The Budapest 2022 World Swimming Championships have experienced a tremendous scare today, which did not have serious consequences thanks to the quick intervention of the coach of the American Anita Álvarez, the Spanish Andrea Fuentes. The athlete was in the pool, executing her artistic swimming free solo exercise, when she went to the bottom after fainting.

It happened as soon as he finished his routine, when the music ended. Perhaps as a result of the tension, the swimmer fainted, with the aggravating circumstance of being in the water. Quickly Fuentes, Gemma Mengual’s historical partner, jumped into the water to rescue her pupil. Immediately the help of one of the assistants of the competition was added. Towed by both to the edge of the pool, the medical assistance evacuated the athlete.

After the consequent commotion among those present due to what was experienced, the competition resumed its course. The gold finally went to the Japanese Yukiko Inui (95.3667), the silver went to the Ukrainian Marta Fiedina (93.8000) and the bronze to the Greek Evangelia Platanioti (91.7667).

After the test, the American team confirmed that Álvarez had already recovered after fainting. In fact, the swimmer returned with her team after her to receive the hugs of her teammates and the applause of the public present in the training pool.

The origin of the athlete’s fainting is still unknown, although the hypothesis is a mixture of heat and stress.