Black, with milk, with sugar – there are many different types of coffee and the preferences of coffee drinkers differ. But mayonnaise in coffee? You have to get the idea first.

What might seem pretty disgusting to most, Will Levis finds delicious. The football player from the NFL team Tennessee Titans became famous when he was still playing for the college team at the University of Kentucky. During a television interview, he poured himself a cup of coffee in front of the camera, squeezed in a few dabs of mayonnaise, stirred vigorously and took a spirited sip. This caused horror among many viewers – probably a fairly understandable reaction.

The quarterback has been playing for the Titans in the NFL since this year. His unusual preference also brought him an advertising contract. The sauce manufacturer Hellmann’s has promised him a lifetime supply of mayonnaise. Levis appears in a promotional video for the company, sipping his coffee with mayonnaise at a press conference while journalists question him about it. For example, whether he would prefer “mayo macchiato” or “mayo mocha.”

But how does one come up with the idea of ​​drinking coffee with mayonnaise? According to Levis, this whim developed rather accidentally. “It’s not something I planned, it’s just a spontaneous thing,” he says. “I was having breakfast with my girlfriend and I was wondering why there was mayonnaise on the table because I kind of forgot I sometimes put mayonnaise on my egg sandwiches. She joked, ‘Maybe some people do that in theirs Coffee’, and I thought, ‘Maybe I should do that too.'” It’s probably not a real sports drink though – let’s see what his coaches in the NFL will have to say about it.

Sources: CBS Sports / Hellman’s