Boris Becker sees Olympic champion Alexander Zverev as having excellent conditions for a successful tennis year in 2024. “The stars are extremely good,” said the three-time Wimbledon champion in the Eurosport podcast “The Yellow from the Ball”.

Since Zverev was not very successful after his comeback at the beginning of this year after a serious foot injury, this means “that he can now make up an incredible number of points in the first few months,” explained Becker: “He is now number seven, in June I see him in the top five.”

However, the attack on the top places in the world rankings will not succeed on its own. Becker gave the German number one tennis player some advice: “I can only warmly recommend him to win more matches faster. Then the rest of the tournament will be much easier.”

Zverev has “the best odds when it comes to winning a match in the third or fifth set. The only problem is: If you can win in two, why do you do it in three?” Becker said: ” That means you’re tired the next day and have been on the pitch an hour or two longer than your next opponent.”