Actually, Roundnet is the correct name for this sport, but the word “Spikeball” (a brand name) has become established in many places. It translates to “butterball” and combines two sports: volleyball and four square. The 360-degree trend sport is played with two teams of two players each, who stand in a circle around a small trampoline – a kind of ring around which a net is stretched. The aim of the game is to smash a small ball onto the net in such a way that the opposing team cannot play it back and it touches the ground. You can use your whole body to receive or pass the ball. The question arises: When is the game won? Below you will find an overview of the most important rules of Roundnet.

If you’re playing Spikeball for the first time and don’t know the process (yet), you can use the following basic rules as a guide:

Important: If a point is awarded, the right to serve goes to the generic team – and the game starts again.

Similar to volleyball, the outcome of the game is decided by points, meaning the team that first reaches 21 points always wins. And the rules are also similar – these are the most important ones:

The opposing team always gets a point if:

Note: You can find the official rules here.

Not every set is set up equally well, so you should think in advance about what you need for your Spikeball game – such as a trampoline with a net, matching feet and at least two balls. And that’s not all:

Scope of deliveryDepending on the manufacturer, the scope of delivery includes a bag or bag for transport and an air pump for inflating the balls. If this is not the case, both can also be purchased separately. There are also special accessories that allow you to play Spikeball in water (i.e. in the pool).

The networkIt is important to know that there are networks of different sizes. The standard dimensions are usually 90 centimeters – but there are also larger models for children and spikeball beginners that guarantee greater accuracy. The tighter the net is stretched, the easier the game is.

The balls The balls also come in different sizes: The standard sets usually always contain the same sizes, but there are also other models that are used in competition for official tournaments. When purchasing individual balls, always pay attention to the size and when inflating the balls, pay attention to the bar information provided by the provider.

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