Former Bundesliga boss Christian Seifert will not be a mediator in the dispute between the Internet broadcaster DAZN and the German Football League (DFL). Seifert confirmed this to the dpa.

The long-time league boss doesn’t think that’s possible and referred to the contractually and legally stipulated process of the currently interrupted TV rights auction. “I am honored by the proposal to act as a mediator between the DFL and DAZN,” said Seifert. “However, the procedure is set out in great detail from the tendering of the packages through the bidding phase to the award and is based on a commitment made by the DFL to the Federal Cartel Office. There is no provision for a mediation procedure.”

The league and DAZN have been arguing for several days about the currently stopped rights auction and postponed TV money payments. There are mutual accusations. “However, if there are differences of opinion, there is the option of appealing to arbitration,” said Seifert. “In view of the situation that has arisen in recent weeks, this can also be a sensible measure in the interests of everyone involved.”

DAZN had announced that it would appeal to the German Institution for Arbitration. The global company will “initiate arbitration proceedings on April 30th and reserves the right to take further legal steps,” announced DAZN boss Shay Segev in a letter to the 36 professional clubs, which is available to the dpa.