Arisa Trew is still at the very beginning of her career and has already set a milestone in her sport. The 13-year-old skateboarder from Australia has achieved what no other woman has done before: she stood a so-called 720 in a competition.

The trick is considered to be one of the most difficult on a skateboard, with the skateboard rotating under your feet twice in the air, i.e. by 720 degrees. Other girls and women have already succeeded in accomplishing this feat before Trew – the first being her colleague Sky Brown in 2018. But Arisa Trew also managed the trick for the first time under competitive conditions, namely at the Tony Hawk Vert Alert in the USA. The Australian posted a video of her performance on her Instagram channel.

“I can’t believe I landed my first 720 and that I’m the first girl in the world to have competed in it,” said Trew. “I wouldn’t have made it if the crowd hadn’t cheered me on,” she said, according to the Guardian.

“It was really great,” said her coach Trevor Ward. “We worked very hard to get Arisa to this point. She trained a lot, suffered a lot and she made it on the biggest stage in the world.” On Instagram, Ward reported a neck-and-neck race: Trew’s competitor Lilly Stoephasius also tried the trick, but his protégé did it first.

Appropriately, Arisa Trew pulled off the feat at an event hosted by skate legend Tony Hawk. He was the first to do the trick in 1985. Next, Trew is aiming for next year’s Olympics in Paris. And as far as other tricks are concerned, there is still a lot of room for improvement: the largest rotation to date is a full 1260 degrees.

Sources: Arisa Trew on Instagram / Tony Hawk on Instagram / Trevor Ward on Instagram / “Guardian”