After five World Cup victories, Germany’s handball players also believe they have a chance of winning against the European Championship runners-up from Denmark.

“They are beatable. They don’t act as confidently and confidently on the field as one would expect. We are not afraid,” said co-captain Emily Bölk before the game on Monday evening (8.30 p.m./

Game for group victory

In the duel with the title contender, the DHB selection is about winning the group. A draw is enough for the outsider from Germany to finish the main round as first in the group. National coach Markus Gaugisch’s team is undefeated so far, Denmark surprisingly lost to Japan.

“They have a strong defense and have an outstanding goalkeeper,” said leading player Bölk about their next opponent. “Every single player plays at a top level in a top club.”

For the Germans it will be the first game in a full arena. So far, only a few thousand spectators have come to the games without Danish participation. More than 10,000 fans are expected on Monday evening. “I’m looking forward to a full arena and a great atmosphere. The aim is to keep it very quiet so that our small German fan block can be heard louder,” said Bölk as his goal.

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