The verdict in the murder trial surrounding the violent death of four-year-old Fabian is expected in the Hanover regional court. His mother and her partner are said to have severely abused the boy in Barsinghausen for months.

The public prosecutor’s office argued for a murder conviction. Fabian suffered an almost unimaginable martyrdom, which culminated in his death on January 12th or 13th, 2023, said the representative of the prosecution.

Violent incidents exchanged via chat

The 29-year-old Polish woman and the 34-year-old German-Pole exchanged information about their acts of violence via chat. The child was beaten with, among other things, a meat tenderizer and a belt and locked naked in a tiny storage room overnight.

The public prosecutor sees cruelty and base motives as characteristics of the murder. She also requested a determination of the particular gravity of the guilt. This would make it highly unlikely that he would be released from prison after 15 years.

The couple is said to have egged each other on

The couple made a plan to inflict severe suffering on the boy and his sister, who was two years older than him, and in doing so controlled and even incited each other, the prosecution said. The 34-year-old saw the boy as “a competitor who disrupted his daily life and his love relationship.” The mother wanted to continue their love affair, which would have been impossible with Fabian in the long term.

The 34-year-old’s defense only demanded a conviction for severe mistreatment of those under his protection and deprivation of liberty and a maximum of ten years in prison. The mother’s lawyer requested a maximum prison sentence of twelve years for his client.