Coach Edin Terzić blamed Borussia Dortmund’s 0-2 (0-0) defeat at Paris Saint-Germain more on his professionals than on the referee.

“We imagined it differently. We had too much respect, we simply lacked the courage. We had a lot of unnecessary ball losses,” said the football teacher, commenting on his team’s largely weak performance at the start of the Champions’ group phase League. “These points, which have nothing to do with the referee, bothered me even more,” admitted Terzić.

Discussion about penalties

Unlike Terzić, Matthias Sammer attributed a large share of the blame for the defeat to the Spanish referee Jesus Gil Manzano on Amazon Prime: “I think it was a game-deciding scene and a total wrong decision,” complained the BVB advisor. “I’m glad that artificial intelligence is coming soon. When I see the referee strutting around the pitch, it’s no fun.” After a cross from former BVB professional Ousmane Dembélé, Kylian Mbappé played the ball to the falling German national defender Niklas Süle from close range. Manzano awarded a penalty, but the VAR no longer intervened.

Regardless of the discussion about the penalty, Borussia, who had a mixed start to the season, are still a long way away from their actual performance potential, according to Sebastian Kehl. “There is a certain lack of cleanliness, that’s a bit too much Larifari for me. We need more clarity in our game.”

The sports director considers critical questions about coach Terzić’s defensive tactics with a five-man chain and the initial lack of a central striker to be inappropriate and instead took the professionals to task: “You can be active with the five-man chain as we imagined it today Defend forward. We didn’t implement that.”