With a 4-2 win against Viktoria Pilsen, FC Bayern secured their ticket to the round of 16 early. The Munich team started like a fire brigade and went 4-0 up in the first half through Mané, Müller and twice Goretzka. In the second half, however, Bayern shifted down five gears and conceded two more goals. We take a look at the individual criticism.

Sven Ulreich didn’t really have much to do at first, but he got himself into trouble a few times with sloppy passes. His pass in the 30th minute was particularly bad, but he was able to iron it out himself. In the second half he cleared once spectacularly with a header before conceding the first goal after a good hour without a chance. Ulreich couldn’t do anything about the second goal, either. Rating: 5/10

The Moroccan was able to convince again and again with ball wins and strong opening passes, which often led to dangerous attacks. In the second round, however, Mazraoui lost the header duel before conceding the first goal. Also afterwards you didn’t get to see so much positive from the right-back. Rating: 5/10

Pavard had no trouble against harmless hosts in the first half. The Frenchman stayed safe and focused without attracting too much attention. In the second section his concentration dropped a bit and the last consequence was missing. At the second Pilsen goal he was too far away from the goal scorer.Rating: 5/10

Upamecano was not challenged at all in the first half and was not attacked when he made a determined walk through midfield. Shortly after the break, he made a somewhat borderline entry in the penalty area, which was rightly not punished with a penalty. In the course of the minutes he lost a bit of precision with his long balls. All in all, a very decent performance.Rating: 7/10

After his weak performance against Dortmund, the youngster was not able to convince against Pilsen either. Offensively he was not a factor and defensively he prepared a great chance for the opponent with a lapse in the 58th minute. Again and again he made mistakes in passing and in receiving the ball. At least he improved a bit towards the end. However, self-promotion looks different. Rating: 2/10

Kimmich remained much paler than Goretzka today and mostly kept his position in the center of midfield. In the first round he showed a largely flawless game and acted strongly in the duels. In the second section, Kimmich also made a few mistakes. But he was always loud and tried to encourage his teammates to do more.Rating: 6/10

The midfielder completed a very strong game. Right at the start he set up Mané’s goal with a one-two. Afterwards, the 27-year-old seemed too casual for a short time, but then struck twice. In particular, his 4-0 lob was absolutely worth seeing. Even if he missed a top-class player in the second half, he was able to make a good impression until he was substituted in the 56th minute. Rating: 10/10

Leroy Sané held back at the beginning, but was then involved in the goals to make it 3-0 and 4-0. First, he extended a Müller cross pass to Goretzka before setting the Munich eight a second time with a nice pass through the defensive line. Shortly after the break he was able to put Goretzka in the spotlight again, but this time he failed. Sané remained one of the most active players until he was substituted. Rating: 9/10

Müller made his comeback after surviving the corona infection and didn’t have much trouble scoring the goal to make it 2-0 against the overwhelmed Pilsen. In addition, the offensive player was also instrumental in the development of the 3-0. After almost half an hour, the veteran disappeared into the dressing room. Rating: 9/10

The Frenchman was almost unmanageable with his dribbling strength and speed. After almost a quarter of an hour, Coman prepared Kimmich to make it 2-0 with an exemplary cross. Afterwards, Coman tanked up again and again, but remained too harmless and imprecise in his own degrees. At half-time, the Frenchman was replaced by Choupo-Moting. Rating: 7/10

The Senegalese opened the goal festival after a nice one-two with Goretzka. After that, he always remained active and was usually only given an escort from Pilsen. After a good half hour, he finished just wide of the goal after a nice dribble. Shortly before the break he prepared Tel’s big chance in an exemplary manner. After the change of sides, Mané shifted down a gear and sometimes seemed grumpy. Rating: 7/10

The youngster came on after just under half an hour due to Thomas Müller’s injury. 15 minutes later he appeared alone in front of the Pilsen gate for the first time, but failed with a shot that was too unplaced. Tel also seemed a little awkward with his other goal actions. However, his long-range shot in the 75th minute, which kissed the aluminum near the Kreuzeck, was very strong. After all, the 17-year-old seemed active until the end and repeatedly showed his technical ability. Rating: 5/10

The Cameroonian didn’t do much after being substituted on. The experienced player kept falling to distribute the balls, but sometimes acted too imprecisely. Choupo-Moting could not emit a goal threat at all. Rating: 2/10

The Dutchman initially did not find his way into the game at all and lost too many balls. Immediately after the guests’ second goal, the youngster had a great chance to make it 5:2, but Stanek was able to direct his shot to the crossbar. Overall, one could have expected a little more determination in the duels. You don’t collect any plus points with such an appearance.Rating: 2/10

The 17-year-old made his first competitive appearance this season. At first he was noticed negatively because the 2:4 fell over his side. Immediately afterwards, however, he prepared Gravenberch’s big chance in an exemplary manner. All in all, a decent performance.Rating: 5/10

The Austrian didn’t seem really motivated and hardly made an appearance. Sabitzer also got a completely pointless yellow card shortly before the end. Rating: 3/10

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