This is the summer of 2020 records could break, there are many signs. The world weather organization now warns explicitly against. However, a prediction makes even a weather experts fear.

The world meteorological organization (WMO) now warns before a hot summer of 2020 . Municipality and cities would have to prepare in the light of the Corona*pandemic fact. A brand new forecast for the summer of 2020, by a US weather service, a ” disaster scenario stands for Germany and Europe “.

Geneva/Munich – The first summer forecasts to 2020 were in the beginning of the year. The British weather service, the Met Office titled his prediction the same as a “shock” forecast. The first evaluation pointed to a record-breaking heat across Europe, including drought. A few days ago there was the latest summer forecasts from the state US weather service, NOAA and the European weather service ECMWF , reports meteorologist Dominik Jung from the weather service Q. met compared to the weather portal .The two long-term forecasts to the weather* in Germany were unanimous in one thing: they predicted a relatively dry summer. The temperatures, however, there were differences.

weather: “the summer of 2020, a European scenario”

a forecast for the summer of 2020 . The weather model of the private U.S. weather service Accuweather before. “ Accuweather signed up for the summer of 2020, a European disaster scenario , ” says weather expert Jung. the “This forecast makes really scared.”

This scary forecast for the summer of 2020, the private US weather service, Accuweather has it all: top values, close to the 40-degree mark and heat waves from Spain, France, Benelux and Germany to Poland, therefore, possible. For Central Europe and Germany on top of that announced a fierce storm. Since we are exactly in the middle between the great dry heat, and more likely to exchange cool air masses would lie in the British Isles, explains Young. This constellation would have humid, warm to hot and humid weather and always dangerous Thunderstorm with a large severe weather potential will result. Of Austria to the beam could dominate according to the forecast of a dry heat. Over Eastern Europe, there would be a drought, as in the Rest of Europe. This weather situation would be especially in Spain, for severe forest fires, the weather expert further.

“As we want to hope that the colleagues are wrong in this case. Would it really be the Worst-Case scenario for Europe and also for Germany – in addition to the Covid-19-pandemic,“ said meteorologist Young.

world meteorological organisation (WMO) warns that the heat of the summer of 2020

the world meteorological organisation (WMO) warns that the heat of the summer of 2020 in the Northern hemisphere. Already in the early months of the year all pointed to the fact that 2020 will be one of the hottest years since the beginning of the measurements, said WMO spokeswoman Clare Nullis in Geneva on Tuesday, according to the news Agency dpa. Cities and municipalities should prepare now to protect people, even if the Coronavirus pandemic, make this more complicated.

In other years, people in overheated apartments had been recommended, for example, cooled shopping malls to visit. Neighbors were invited, living Alone, and to visit potentially Vulnerable on a regular basis. In contrast , many Corona-advice to remain about the as at home talking now. In addition, could set hospitals less well in patients with heat stroke, because you have to treat the Corona-patients.

The WMO offers together with the world health organization (WHO) and other partners online a packet of information with ideas. Therein are good examples from many countries are presented.

weather in Germany: the hot summer of 2020 – these tips will help in case of extreme temperatures

Among other things, a brochure of the Federal office for the environment is highlighted, which is recommended in the case of heat , among other things: to put

carry out a wide-brimmed hat to allow to drink cool water over the wrists to run cool compresses wet on the forehead or neck, feet and back with Franz brand wine electric to RUB off devices and artificial lighting as a source of heat more often.

what are the start of the summer of 2020?

The meteorological summer begins on 1. June and ends on 31 December. August.

The calendrical summer of 2020, will begin on January 20. June at 23.44 PM (CEST) with the solstice and ends on the 22. September 2020 15.31 (CEST).

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