After enormous losses in the Ukraine war, according to British secret services, Russia lacks modern combat vehicles. Russian soldiers are said to be frustrated at having to use old infantry vehicles called “aluminum cans,” according to the UK Defense Ministry’s daily briefing.

By mid-October, Russian units were losing more than 40 vehicles a day in the face of Ukrainian counterattacks, which the British say is about the equipment of an entire battalion.

In the past week, Moscow has bought at least 100 additional tanks and infantry fighting vehicles from Belarusian stocks. Presumably, however, it was difficult for the Russian units to procure sufficient suitable replacements for the damaged material, which caused problems for the offensive.

Moscow calls update a disinformation campaign

The British Ministry of Defense has published daily information on the course of the war since the start of the Russian war of aggression at the end of February, citing intelligence information. With this, London wants to counter the Russian portrayal of events and keep allies in line.

Moscow speaks of a disinformation campaign.