If you would like to come up with one of the approximately 3,500 residents of Praia da Luz in the conversation, then you should do a no way: the name “Maddie” mention. “Hardly anyone wants to speak publicly about the issue,” says a Reporter for the Portuguese TV news channel “TVI24”. Since the traceless Disappearance of the then almost four-year-old British girl from a holiday resort in the small Town on the Algarve coast in may 2007, one feels stigmatized.

The hope, the case may get after 13 years, finally slowly into oblivion, destroying its now the news from Germany once more.

case Maddie: Old wounds

torn On the “beach of light” pulls the news that a 43-year-old man who sits in the keel behind bars for the abduction and murder of Maddie is suspected of old wounds. Memories of the long Trembling Maddie 13 years ago to be awake again, but also to the “serious collateral damage”, like a Bar owner says, the name would not be mentioned.

He and many others recall with horror how, at the time, the Region’s vital tourism declined after the Disappearance of the girl for a few years. “And many of the tourists came, looked at us wrong and suspicious.”

From these images, the police hoping for new information FOCUS Online/Wochit 10,000 euros in the case of Maddie offered: From these pictures, the police hoping for new clues

“These people have not even thought of the people here,”

“These people (meaning Maddie’s parents and the British media) have not even thought of the people here, as you have raised, in 2007, her spectacle,” said Ana, in an interview with the German press Agency in may 2017. The woman sold to the promenade of Luz, still today, jewelry, and Tattoos makes, called at that time, as the place to 10. The anniversary of Maddie disappearing for the umpteenth Time, experienced journalists rush: “Slowly closing must be with the circus”. A colleague of Ana regretted, Luz had been made “to the center of Evil”.

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The Trouble stops in the year 2020. In Vila da Luz, it is feared a new “media spectacle”, such as when a new search of the body, which could cause damage to the Image and economy of the Region back damage – and in the middle of the pandemic Stress.

What is with the Portuguese children?

is felt not only in Praia da Luz displeasure. If you asked the Portuguese to their feelings and thoughts on the new development in the case, Maddie, the answer comes also in Lisbon, almost in unison on the lips: “So many children go missing every day, why he made this case so much fuss? Someone asks the time? We have just pandemic and the social crisis,” said on Thursday the capital,-Pensioner Maria audibly outraged on the phone.

The Bar owner Luz is even louder. He scolds: “the little Portuguese, the disappearance, and possibly also of foreigners were kidnapped, hears, and reads in the media, after two or three weeks, nothing more, and certainly not abroad.”

“the victims first and second class,”

Also, the respected lawyer Sofia Matos, who was moved in the Portuguese television at the sight of Maddie Videos visually, comes with all the sympathy for the family of the girl did not fail to point out a certain double standard in the media and authorities ‘ attention. “What we must not forget in all of this also, that in Portugal, many other children have disappeared, had the happiness of a international police cooperation, such as in the case of Maddie.”

Matos is reminiscent of the case of Rui Pedro, The Boy disappeared in 1988 at the age of eleven years without a trace. Mother Filomena identified her son 15 years later on the Portal of an international child pornography ring. Hope came up short, but in the end it brought nothing. Help and advice from abroad remained. Rui Pedro disappeared until today. The media in Portugal, and the newspaper “El País” in the neighboring country of Spain noted that there were “victims first and second class”.

“It looks as if you have concrete evidence,”

a Few positive reactions, there are also experts who are asked by the Portuguese media to the news from Germany. The British police have a very good Budget, with the very many informants could pay, said in TV, the former police coordinator Carlos Carmo. To “from time to time, it is therefore a new Suspect, but it looks as if you have concrete evidence,” he says.

dpa Kate and Gerry McCann, parents of 13 years ago missing British woman Madeleine McCann during a Search call to the photo of your daughter.

In the same vein, the former police beats inspector Paulo Santos. “We have at this time very little to be able to claim that there has been a breakthrough in the investigation.” The criminal investigation Department of Portugal, in the Policia Judiciaria, which is to say, on request, nothing more.

“it was the parents that think all of us here in Luz”

In Praia da Luz, the Reporter of the “TVI24” is, meanwhile, a Portuguese citizen who is willing to do anything to Madeleine McCann. The young Luz-resident of Catarina Marques you can see, in spite of the Corona-protective mask the outrage in his face. “Every year, people come here to talk about this thing,” she complains. And then she speaks, what you hear again and again: “to know All of the believe what happened”. What?, the Reporter asks. “It was the parents that think all of us here in Luz.”

This highly controversial Thesis has represented and represents today also the first chief investigator of the case, Gonçalo Amaral. The now 60-Year-old was withdrawn after just a few months after the criticism of the British authorities from the case. He was then retired and wrote the book “The truth about the lie”. And in Interviews, he claims again and again: Maddie is dead, the parents have covered up the death. Now, in the face of a detained Suspect in Germany, has not been reported to Amaral, so far, to word.