The service union Verdi has called on the federal government to reform the basic pension. “The average basic pension surcharge is only 86 euros per month. In view of the sharp increase in the cost of living, that is far too little,” said Verdi chairman Frank Werneke of the “Rheinische Post” (Saturday).

Instead of the three million people hoped for, only a good one million people benefited from the basic pension. “So it doesn’t really help against growing poverty in old age. It must therefore be fundamentally reformed – ideally as part of the second pension package,” Werneke demanded. The consultations on this are still ongoing. Among other things, the package provides for the level of pension protection in relation to wages to be permanently secured at at least 48 percent.

The basic pension was introduced in early 2021 for people who have paid contributions to the pension fund for at least 33 years but have earned below average. It is a surcharge, which according to the German pension insurance from June is on average 86 euros. Overall, around 1.1 of the approximately 21 million pensioners benefit from it.