Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) has defended her plans to make it easier to deport criminal clan members against criticism. “We have to fight organized crime consistently. Clan crime is part of it. The rule of law has to show its teeth here,” said the SPD politician to the “Rheinische Post” (Saturday).

This also includes the faster expulsion of criminals who do not have a German passport. However, she emphasized with a view to clans: “It’s about criminal activity, not about family relationships. The family name says nothing about whether someone is criminal.”

A discussion paper from Faeser’s ministry provides that deportation should already be possible if someone was or is part of a criminal organization. The Union and the Greens in particular had criticized the proposals. There were also cautious voices in Faeser’s party, the SPD.

Another proposal from the ministry sees the possible extension of detention. Detention pending exit is currently possible for up to ten days, but Faeser proposes an extension to up to 28 days. “We have to prevent people from going into hiding before deportation, especially criminals,” Faeser defended this proposal in an interview.