As announced, members of the climate protection group Last Generation blocked numerous streets in Berlin at the start of the week. On Monday, the police initially named more than 10 locations throughout the city, and a few minutes later they reported 21 blockades. There were disruptions and traffic jams throughout the city during rush hour traffic. Bus traffic was also affected.

A police spokesman said people stuck themselves to the street in several places. In some places, particularly stubborn adhesive mixtures were used. It was said that it would take longer to get the demonstrators off the street. Up to 500 police officers are on the move throughout the day to intervene quickly and consistently.

23 locations blocked

Last Generation said there were sit-ins in at least 23 locations. Exits on the A100, A103 and A114 motorways as well as various federal roads into the city are affected, among others.

The Last Generation has announced new activities in the capital for this week. On Sunday, climate activists sprayed the Brandenburg Gate with orange paint. The color attack on the Berlin landmark caused some sharp criticism. 14 members of the protest group were arrested; according to the police, 6 of them were still in custody on Sunday evening.

The Last Generation demands that Germany stop using fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas from 2030. The federal government is aiming for a climate-neutral economy by 2045.