The left-wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht earned around 750,000 euros in book and speaking fees last year in addition to her parliamentary allowances. Of this, EUR 720,868.99 gross came from the Frankfurt Campus Verlag for their bestseller “The Self-Righteous” – a book in which Wagenknecht settled accounts with so-called lifestyle leftists and parts of their own party. This emerges from published mandatory information for the Bundestag, about which the “Spiegel” had reported.

In addition to the book fee, payments from Burda Forward GmbH, Munich (EUR 6420 gross), Swiss Rock Asset Management AG, Zurich (EUR 10,000 gross) and the Efficiency Club Zurich (EUR 4042.42 gross) are listed for the past year a cancellation fee from DekaBank (7735 euros gross). For 2023, 9985.02 euros gross are listed by the supporters of the debate magazine “Swiss Month” for a salon evening in Zurich.

In 2021, Wagenknecht received 14,280 euros gross for a contribution to an entrepreneurs’ day in Switzerland as well as 10,000 euros gross from the Swiss Institute for International Research (SIAF) and 9630 euros gross from the Focus Online Group GmbH, Munich. Wagenknecht’s office confirmed the income to “Spiegel”.

The deputy is controversial on the left because she is considering founding a new rival party. She wants to make a decision by the end of the year. In an interview with “” she said: “I can also imagine a perspective as a writer and publicist.”