The photo of the running-Cooper-was – like so many other images of the devastating terrorist attack the world. Also in the Museum at the 9/11 Memorial in the South of Manhattan it is issued.

Only now it became known that Cooper died in March at the consequences of a Corona infection in Delray Beach (Florida). Electrical engineer, born in the Bronx, worked for many years for the authority that operates mass transit in New York, and served at the time of the Vietnam war in the US Army.

“that was The last Time I saw him”

Cooper’s long-standing partner, reported to the British journal “The Sun” that the 78-Year-old just after a lengthy rehab wanted to recover at home, as his condition got worse. “Paramedics took him at 23. March from. That was the last Time I saw him,” says Janet Rashes. Five days later, her Partner had died.

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In Florida, she says, have you talked about the Virus, but in the hospitals the people had worn no masks.

currently, Florida is considered to be one of the largest Corona-problem States. The state had recently recorded within one day, more than 11 400 new infections – as many as never before since the beginning of the pandemic. On the Saturday of the local health authority, the official number for Friday marked a further dramatic increase in the number of cases in the Federal state with around 20 million inhabitants.

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