It’s not just on dark winter days that a stroller is quickly overlooked: even in bad weather conditions, the (usually) gray or black frame gets lost in the rain or fog. This increases the risk of accidents many times over. To minimize the risk of being hit by a car or cyclist, you can upgrade the stroller – for example with clearly visible LED lights, reflectors, light stickers or so-called buggy lights. Below you will find out how the accessories differ and how to correctly attach the stroller lighting.

1. String lights

This two meter long string of lights can be mounted on any stroller. Depending on the model, you have the option of individually attaching the waterproof silicone hose (using the associated cable ties). The lighting is suitable for strollers as well as a buggy, so it can be used in a variety of ways. The fairy lights are charged with a normal power bank. Here you can get the silicone hose.

2. Buggylight

The so-called buggy light can be easily attached to the side of the stroller using a clamp or a Velcro strap (both are included in delivery). The disc-shaped discs have a diameter of 80 millimeters and can be rotated. They are also each equipped with five white LED lights at the front and two red LED lights at the rear, which are powered by AAA batteries. Here you can get the buggy lights.

3. LED lamp

Alternatively, you can also attach one or more lamps to the stroller. Depending on the manufacturer, there are different options for attaching the light: with Easywalker, for example, the lighting is attached in the middle and with all ABC Design strollers it is attached above the wheels. But there are also LED lamps that – regardless of the brand – can be mounted on any stroller handle with a diameter of 22 to 35 millimeters.

3. Reflectors

They reflect light that hits their surface: reflectors are also suitable as stroller lighting. They can easily be attached to any model using Velcro – but they have the disadvantage that they do not emit any light on their own. In other words, they are usually only clearly visible when direct light (for example from an approaching car) is directed at them. You can get the reflectors here.

4. Glow stickers

These stickers are also reflectors that can easily be attached to any stroller. Due to their slightly curved shape, they even stick to the tire – and stick to all other surfaces. This delivery includes 24 glow stickers (0.7 cm x 10 cm), but smaller and larger packs are also available. As required. Here you can get the self-adhesive and reflective stickers.

And one last tip: You can make the stroller more visible with the right lighting. But what about you? So that you can be seen better and, above all, more quickly in the dark, you can, for example, wear a reflective vest or a light LED band that you attach to your arm. This means mother or father and child are well protected.

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