Under the name “Bibis Beauty Palace”, Bianca “Bibi” Heinicke built an empire as one of the most successful and first German influencers. Together with her ex-partner Julian Claßen, they became the most important content creators on the internet. Then the two separated and Bibi disappeared from the scene. Now she has reported back to her audience of millions in a longer story on the platform. She would like to post more in the future and provide more content. However, the issues that are close to her heart are different than they were a few years ago.

She thought for a long time about what she wanted to produce, says Heinicke. “Roughly speaking, I would like to share my thoughts with you on this channel,” she finally explains. She wanted to explain “how I believe that one can lead a happy and fulfilling life in today’s society.” Then the mother of two children becomes even more specific. The topic of veganism is at the top of her priority list. She has been eating vegan for five years now, says Heinicke, and her entire lifestyle is now geared towards it. Animal products no longer have a place in the influencer’s life. But “socially critical topics” should also be part of their new Instagram strategy.

After her separation from Claßen, Heinicke met Timothy Hill, who presented himself as a coach online. Shortly after Christmas, Hill launched his new website where he offers coaching sessions. “I’m so happy for you! That you inspire people just like you do for me every day,” Heinicke commented on the photo with which Hill announced his new activity on Instagram.

It was not yet clear in May 2022 how things would continue professionally for ex-partners Julian and Bibi after their separation. After all, the two had always presented themselves as a unit before. The business success was also enormous. Heinicke and her “Bibis Beauty Palace” regularly caused mass hysteria with their meet and greets. Her audience is largely made up of young girls who trust her tips and tests. With almost six million subscribers, Bibi’s YouTube channel is one of the most successful German accounts on the platform. Success that has paid off over the years. According to “Business Insider”, Heinicke earned around 100,000 euros a month from YouTube and Instagram alone before the separation.

At 31, Heinicke has now seemingly outgrown the beauty universe. Instead of make-up tips, followers could now find advice clips on the subject of animal welfare on their profile. Heinicke said in her story that she was excited to see how many people would follow her new path.

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