Comedy star Mirja Boes (52) won the television show “The Masked Singer” on Sunday night. The comedian, actress and singer (“LOL: Last One Laughing”) received the most votes as “Der Flea” at the end of the season on the ProSieben format. When she was unmasked, the Rhinelander only took off her enormous costume hat. What emerged was a wild, messy blonde hairstyle, and Boes wore a red clown nose. She kept saying thank you to the audience in disbelief. Then: “Kick my ass – that was cool!” She kept the rest of the costume on: As “Flea” she rode across the stage on a giant snail in the show. “There are rollers – and I don’t have anything on underneath. Nobody wants to see that.”

Boes and Masked Singer jury member Palina Rojinski filmed together in another project last week. According to the show winner, she still protected her secret: “I didn’t say a word to her.” According to the comedian, it was easier to hide her participation from her two sons: the two were hardly interested in her singing exercises in the basement. Boes demonstratively shouted into the camera: “It’s me: Mom!”

With ABBA to victory

With skillfully performed cover versions of the songs “Thank You For The Music” by ABBA and “Everlasting Love” by Love Affair, Boes captured the hearts of the audience that evening. She also stood out during the performances because of her particularly warm charisma.

The comedy star relegated the twins Heiko and Roman Lochmann (25) to second place. The brothers, now known as the music duo HE/RO, were once known as the YouTuber duo Die Lochis. At the final show they took off their double costume: two huge flip flops. The twins joked that they might incorporate the costume into their own show.

He was “The Crocodile”

Singer Sebastian Krumbiegel (57) was the first act to be unmasked last evening. He had been “The Crocodile.” The singer of the band Die Prinzen (“Everything is just stolen”) was visibly happy: “Can you imagine how nice and warm it is in this costume? The coat is, I think, 120 kilos heavy, you can hardly breathe under the mask . But I have to honestly say: it was a good experience. I was finally able to sing in a different way.”

In the quiz show “The Masked Singer”, based on South Korea, celebrities appear as singers but hide their true identities behind large costumes. Only her voice and mysterious clues give any idea who is on stage. Normally they are exposed if they get too few votes from the audience – or end up winning the final.