Spring awakens the desire to travel again in many people. “Setting off can be a pleasure,” says author Kath Stathers, who will publish her latest book on March 21, 2024: “500 Forays” is a romantic journey following in the footsteps of famous personalities around the globe. Europe in particular not only offers breathtaking landscapes, but also a rich history that invites you to go hiking.

Vincent Van Gogh’s art and his eventful life story fascinate many people – to this day. In recent years, the Dutch artist’s works have experienced a real comeback. The author Kath Stathers has compiled a list of where van Gogh could be found. A trip through Europe can be combined with a search for traces of the modern artist in several cities: for example in Paris to explore the charming Montmartre, where the artist created his famous series of works of the same name. Or in England, where he lived in Ramsgate for a few months before becoming a painter. And of course van Gogh’s traces can also be found in the Netherlands: not only is there a museum dedicated to him in Amsterdam, but his home during his lifetime is also in Nieuw-Amsterdam.

Amy Winehouse was an artist who stood out for her unique voice and distinctive style. She combined elements of jazz, soul and R’n’B to create an unmistakable sound. Her personal battle with drug and alcohol addiction, which she dealt with in her songs, led to her untimely death at the age of just 27 in 2011. Amy Winehouse is known not only for her music, but also for her authenticity, honesty and artistic integrity celebrated to this day. At heart, Winehouse remained loyal to her London neighborhood of Camden. As Stathers reveals in her book, she referred to it as her “playground.” She spent a lot of time there, she gave her last concert here, there is a bronze statue of the singer to admire, as well as her local pub and of course her house on Camden Square.

For travelers who want to explore more than just the sights, Dublin offers a tour in the footsteps of Oscar Wilde. Oscar Wilde is famous for his literary works, especially his brilliant comedies like “The Importance of Being Earnest.” The Oscar Wilde House, also known as Number 1 Merrion Square, is his birthplace and has been converted into a memorial to him. It is located near Merrion Square Park, where you can also find a tip from author Kath Stathers: The Oscar Wilde Statue. After a tour of the park, she recommends immersing yourself in Wilde’s lifestyle with a pint of beer at Kennedys, where the young wild man earned a few pennies on Saturdays in the former grocery store.