Comedian Carolin Kebekus is expecting her first child at the age of 43. She publicly presented her baby bump on two occasions and thus confirmed her pregnancy.

She made her first appearance in different circumstances during the recording of the WDR talk show “Kölner Treff” moderated by Bettina Böttinger. Kebekus presented himself in a great mood and in a figure-hugging jumpsuit with a baby ball that was already clearly visible. She was accompanied by her brother David, with whom she can currently be seen in the ProSieben show “We against them! The Kebekus siblings show” – but still without a baby bump, as the episodes, which have been running since August 29th, were already a few months ago were produced. The recorded “Kölner Treff” will be broadcast on WDR this Friday at 10 p.m.

The entertainer made her first appearance in front of a live audience yesterday, Thursday evening, at the opening show of her comedy tour “Funny Bones” in Cologne’s E-Werk. There she once again demonstrated her talent for turning almost any everyday topic into a show in which one punchline follows the next.

As the “Express” reports, Kebekus opened her program with the words: “I’m not alone here, I have a fetus with me. And it’s in here. I don’t know, it must have happened on the way to the stage. ” She then asked whether there was anyone in the audience who could provide obstetric assistance “if something were to happen here.” Even if it is admittedly “still a bit early” for that.

According to the report, after this gaudy introduction, more gags followed that revolved around her baby bump. “I always have to reach there now,” she explained. “That’s the international sign for pregnant – not fat. It makes me feel so stupid.” According to “Express”, she also admitted that she felt a bit overwhelmed by her impending happiness with children. “I’m already thinking: What’s going to happen? Will I be able to manage all of this? Of course I’m also scared. Above all, I can’t make jokes about ugly, fat children anymore. And then the hormones. Then you start “To cry. That means incapacity for work for me,” said Kebekus.