April 5, 2024 marked the 30th anniversary of the death of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. His and Courtney Love’s (59) daughter Frances Bean Cobain is 31 years old – so she was not able to have her own memories of her father. In a touching Instagram post, she reflected on the few moments they shared on earth.

“My father’s life ended 30 years ago. The second and third pictures show the last moments we were together during his lifetime.” In the first of the photos in question, Kurt Cobain kneels at the side of his daughter, who has probably only recently learned to walk, and gently presses a kiss on her temple. In the following snapshot, he dangles her upside down in his arms. She also published a few photos from her father’s childhood.

When she remembers her father, she wonders how she would have experienced him in seemingly inconsequential everyday situations: “I wish I had gotten to know my father. I wish I knew the tone of his voice, how he liked his coffee or how it felt , to sleep after one of his bedtime stories. I always wondered if he caught tadpoles with me during the humid Washington summers or if he craved Camel Lights and Strawberry Nesquik (his favorites, I’m told). smelled.”

The grief, which has lasted “almost as long as I have been conscious,” was also an important life lesson for her. “The duality of life and death, pain and joy, yin and yang must coexist, otherwise none of it would have any meaning. It is the impermanence of human existence that plunges us into the depths of our most authentic lives. As it turns out, there is no greater motivation to turn to loving consciousness than knowing that everything ends.”

To conclude her post, Frances Bean Cobain reveals that her father wrote a letter for her before she was born. “The last line is, ‘Wherever you go or wherever I go, I will always be with you.’ He has kept that promise because he is present in many ways.” For example through his songs or the fact that her grandmother Wendy repeatedly told her that she had the same hands as her father.