Since 2013, there have been six Hamburg “Tatort” editions including a movie with Fahri Yardim (42) and Til Schweiger (59). The last crime novel of the two, “Tschill Out”, ran at the beginning of 2020. Will there soon be a reunion with Commissioner Nick Tschiller and colleague Yalcin Gümer?

“We don’t have anything concrete in hand yet, but we’re not in a hurry either,” explains the editors responsible at NDR when asked by the news agency spot on news. No filming is planned for 2023. “We cannot currently answer whether there will be filming for a new Schweiger ‘crime scene’ in 2024.”

In July 2022, Fahri Yardim said of his “Tatort” colleague in an interview with spot on news: “Til has an eternal place in my heart, no matter how much we can ideologically clash.” Lately, however, they had “been growing apart a bit and I haven’t heard from the ‘Tatort’ makers for a long time,” said the actor, adding jokingly: “Basically I’m waiting half the day in front of the listener for it to finally happen the sequel is calling. But nobody wants me and nobody is answering.”

In any case, Yardim would be ready for another crime adventure: “I would really like to shoot up Hamburg again.” Even if they got “revolutionary on the muzzle” for the past films. “We also got a lot of love at the same time. It was a nice risk.”

“Welcome to Hamburg” (2013) was followed by three sequels of the so-called “series within the series”: “Tatort: ​​Bounty” (2014), “Tatort: ​​The Great Pain” (2016) and “Tatort: ​​Fegefeuer” (2016). And in the movie “Tschiller: Off Duty” (2018), Commissioner Nick Tschiller had to do it again with the same criminal, Firat Astan (Erdal Yildiz, born 1966), and his clan. With “Tatort: ​​Tschill Out” (2020), Schweiger and his team heralded a new era, because this time it was much less about action and shootings.