The fifth episode of “The Summer House of the Stars” (Tuesdays, 8:15 p.m. on RTL – also on RTL) starts with the first exit challenge of the season. Aleks Petrovic (32) and Vanessa Nwattu (23) were voted out in the last episode, but get a second chance against second-to-last Eric and Erica Stehfest (34). The men have to memorize word problems, then rush around a course and present the problems to their partners to solve.

The Stehfests go into the fight with the support of almost all of their housemates. But after coming together in the last episode, Aleks and Vanessa are in better harmony than ever. With 3:1 solved questions, they prevail surprisingly clearly against the power couple Eric and Edith.

With the standing parties, a (at least self-proclaimed) favorite duo has to leave unexpectedly early. The funny thing about it: Eric had only driven Aleks and Vanessa back into each other’s arms through couples therapy that had gone grotesquely out of control.

So Aleks and Vanessa stay. To the annoyance of Maurice Dziwak (25) in particular. He thinks Aleks is a “traitor” because he is suddenly back on good terms with their mutual archenemy Valentina Doronina (23). “First say A and then do B” is not possible for the straightforward Maurice. For him, Aleks is now persona non grata, even worse than Valentina. Maurice takes all potential Aleks understanders into the fold: “Anyone who is good with him” has a problem with him.

Aleks, on the other hand, sees his ex-buddy as a traitor. What follows is an exchange of words like in kindergarten. Mirror – double mirror. The “wrong Fuffziger” (Maurice) Aleks now sees no reason not to approach Valentina. He signs a non-aggression pact with her with a handshake until the finale.

Exit Stehfest – appearance of a new couple. Luigi “Gigi” Birofio (24) comes with his “Pearl” Dana Feist (27). “I don’t have to introduce myself,” says Gigi (pronounced Shishi). But we do it anyway: He was in various dating formats and came second in the jungle camp in January. As a kind-hearted trash clown, he immediately makes friends in the “summer house”. Maurice’s partner Ricarda Raatz (31) is especially happy about Dana: the soldier is her best friend. Dana also knows Aleks; they were on “Love Island” together. The reality world is small. That’s why Dana of course knows Valentina and, surprise, doesn’t speak well to her. She doesn’t even want to sleep in the same room with her.

Valentina is not only the devil for almost all of her roommates, but her relationship with Can Kaplan (27) is also in trouble again. The two offer the best visual aid for aspiring couples therapists. They accuse each other of “humiliation.” “That’s not love,” Valentina once says about Can, who supposedly always runs away when he has problems. Nevertheless, there is a hug after the argument.

The sparks fly again in the pair game, but Valentina and Can are not alone. The couples have to balance on a huge seesaw, which Gigi initially mistakes for a table tennis table, and set up various objects. Only two couples make it: Tim Toupet (51) and Carina Crone (33) as well as Justine Dippl (35) and Arben Zekic (28). The latter were faster, although there were cracks in the otherwise harmonious pair for the first time. Arden wanted to tell Justine not to drink too much alcohol.

Arden and Justine are safe. Can and Valentina would have needed a ticket to the next round. Unsurprisingly, they are at the bottom of the mood barometer at the end of the episode. But the next episode completely reshuffles the cards anyway. As the preview suggests, there is a scandal that all of Trash Germany was whispering about even before the season started. Right in the middle of the escalation: Valentina and the actually harmless, simple Gigi…