How are Oliver Pocher and his current wife Amira doing after the announcement of their separation? That was the big question fans asked before the latest episode of “Die Pochers!” put. In his podcast on Podimo, the married couple continue to work together.

First of all, the Pochers put the listeners through torture. Again and again they announce that they want to talk about the dominant topic of the week – but by that they mean either Hubert Aiwanger, the Burning Man festival sinking into the mud or the Rammstein case.

At the beginning, the Pochers at least reveal that they still live together. They record the podcast in their shared house. “If there were no children involved, we wouldn’t have done this now,” admits Amira Pocher. “What now? The separation or that we live together,” Oliver counters dryly. “The latter,” says Amira. The comedian can’t resist taking a swipe at his old rival Boris Becker. He’s slowly catching up now when it comes to divorces. Oliver Pocher was married to Alessandra Meyer-Wölden – Becker’s ex-fiancé – from 2010 to 2014.

Things only get more serious towards the end of the episode. Amira admits that she is glad that the week is over. “It was hard because the coverage wasn’t necessarily to my advantage,” she says of the headlines. “I was a bit deaf, I wasn’t really responsive at all.”

“Welcome to My Life,” replies Oliver, who has significantly more experience with bad press. “You just have to get over it, which is difficult because the whole of Germany makes up its mind and thinks it has to add its two cents.”

Amira Pocher continues that she was “nasty insulted” because of the separation, but also received nice messages. Her husband also received encouraging words – also from another old rival. Michael Wendler has gotten in touch. Oliver Pocher’s answer to the controversial pop singer: “That my relationship will break before your relationship? Respect”.

The Pochers will record the next episode in front of an audience. Oliver promises rather jokingly that he will then really unpack. Amira and Oliver Pocher met in 2016 and married three years later. Their sons were born in 2019 and 2020.