The “Giovanni Zarrella Show” by the musician and entertainer of the same name usually features national and international pop stars. That was also the case on Saturday evening (May 4th), when Michelle (52), Semino Rossi (61), Howard Carpendale (78), Matthias Reim (66) and Maite Kelly (44), among others, did the honors. But the appearance of a star who is not necessarily known for his closeness to hits caused the biggest surprise – because ZDF satirist Jan Böhmermann (43) also stopped by and belted out the Prince hit “Kiss” in a duet with Zarrella.

The presenter of “ZDF Magazin Royale” dressed up in a bright green outfit and lots of make-up for the appearance. Böhmermann had previously cryptically hinted on Instagram that viewers of “The Giovanni Zarrella Show” would experience their blue – or in this case green – miracle.

The 43-year-old has proven several times in his own ZDF show that Jan Böhmermann is not only capable of satire, but also loves singing. With his comedic rap song “Ich hab Police” he even made it into the top 10 of the singles charts in 2015. As in the previous year, he will also comment on the upcoming ESC together with his podcast partner Olli Schulz (50) on the Austrian radio station FM4.

Two other appearances on the Saturday evening show also caused a stir. There were goosebumps when Zarrella sang a duet with Udo Jürgens, who died ten years ago. In the presence of his original band, the Pepe Lienhard Orchestra, Jürgens came to new life on a huge LED wall and thanks to digital technology.

Maite Kelly’s live performance was less smooth than the emotional duet. Apparently technical problems caused her to repeatedly lose her rhythm during the performance of her song “It just happened” and at times she was barely understandable. However, she then smiled charmingly at the mishap.