Chiara (26) has been one of the favorites of “Der Bachelor” (Wednesdays, 8:15 p.m., RTL and in advance on RTL) since the first episode – and thus attracts the displeasure of the other women. The journalist does not trust one thing in particular: Rebecca (28).

But first of all, equal rights for everyone: As a first date in the small Mexican town of Oaxaca, every woman gets the same speed date. It only takes three minutes, but has numerous items on the agenda: driving a tuktuk, eating pizza, a romantic moment in the rain (produced by a Mexican on the roof with a garden hose), coffee to go, watching a film poster, dancing to the street band, flowers, done .

So a lot in a very short time, the women then hardly know what happened to them. In the end everyone is kissed. Chiara raves about her first lip adventure with David: “Right, really nice, great, light, weightless kiss.” But of all people, Yetti (25), who hasn’t even had a single date yet, gets the most out of the three minutes. David afterwards: “She was so present today, I’ve never seen her so present.”

Yetti can also dance with Chiara and Alyssa (36) on the next date. The group makes quesadillas, although “Dee” only seems to have eyes for Chiara. “A little cringe…” Alyssa finds the situation. While Chiara and David have deep talk privately, the two remaining women do the only sensible thing: They get the tequila and shoot each other. “I stopped counting after the third. Or fourth, or fifth,” Yetti summarizes. With maybe ten tequilas in his blood, Yetti is unexpectedly allowed to stay longer. Maybe it’s because of the alcohol that it’s mostly kissing. Apparently not a bad tactic: “Yetti is in the fast lane, of course,” said David, who probably no longer expected the blonde.

The next day, the Bachelor travel group, consisting of David, Lisa (32), Angelina (28) and Rebecca, head to hot springs with a fantastic view of the mountains. With Angelina, David is already looking for children’s names. Lisa is then allowed to take a walk through town with the bachelor, during which the two become closer again. It just doesn’t work that way with Rebecca. After a one-to-one conversation, David becomes clear: “I can well imagine that Rebecca is emotionally a little more involved than I am.”

The decision for the night of the roses seems clear: it’s tingling with Lisa, Chiara, Angelina and Yetti. But Rebecca seems to smell the roast. Before the decision is made, the shaky candidate takes David aside and touches on her favorite topic again: Chiara. “I have a bad feeling about Chiara because she’s not behind the camera like she is in front of the camera,” she warns the bachelor. It torments her because she is a loyal person and only wants the best for him, Rebecca said. What is meant is the rumor that Chiara allegedly only wants to be a Bachelorette. She has already openly invalidated that herself, but Rebecca obviously did not take it from her. The “bomb”, as David calls Rebecca’s allegations, hits him hard. “What if maybe I’m wrong? Now that I’m letting go?”

David backs off pretty quickly to reconsider his decision. Chiara doesn’t get a chance to comment on the allegations. Not yet. The rose still gets her and not Rebecca. Apparently there’s a lot that needs to be addressed on the Dreamdates coming up next week…