yes, good Villa’s time is over, that was seven weeks, and as a keen viewer you’re finally hoping for a little more action. Rarely has it felt that Bachelor David really aspires to have romantic encounters. Rather, he worked as a life coach and hobby psychologist for the ladies, which was nice, but not really the best trash TV entertainment. But it will definitely get better now, won’t it RTL? OR RTL? Because we spend this episode in … the “vibrant small town of Oaxaca”. Vibrant small town, oho aha. So something like the Gottingen of Mexico? And there David and his ladies will experience exciting adventures, yes?

Oh, the women will all have THE SAME date with him there? After another? All? The same… sorry, we dozed off for a bit. Now we have a strong coffee and an absolutely non-sponsored coconut schnapps and hope for the best. After all, all of these individual dates should only last three minutes each. You may remember the episode of “How I Met Your Mother” in which Ted courts the dermatologist who is removing his tattoo (and who, confusingly, is played by the same actress as Elliott from “Scrubs” — but that’s another matter) ? Since she never had any time left, he thought of a sweet express date. And that’s exactly what RTL is now copying for David.

First Alyssa, then Chiara, then Angelina, then Rebecca, Henriette and Lisa drive two meters next to David in the TukTuk to a restaurant, eat two bites of pizza there, hastily try silly small talk, stand under an umbrella in the artificial rain, grab a coffee -to-go, look at a fake movie poster starring the two of them, then dance to the sound of a Mexican band. Sophisticated Alyssa asks a meaningful question (“Do you smoke?”) but doesn’t use the umbrella situation to kiss (“I just ate pizza!”). Chiara, on the other hand, starts snogging, but David almost forgets her coffee and then the film poster.

The rest of the candidates also smooch openly. So, upfront and hectic, because the date can only last three minutes and David has to take care of the stressful choreography for the cameras. “Those were great minutes with her,” he later says ironically, e.g. about meeting Henriette.

Then the lovebirds have more time. They cook enchiladas together. And while the women in the mansion were all best friends for the most part, now it’s getting tougher. “Cringe and awkward” is how Alyssa describes the mood. She and Henriette also dislike how much attention the bachelor gives to his favorite from the very beginning, Chiara. The two pass the time smugly with tequila and pointed remarks.

The conversation between David and the rap journalist is again as unromantic as it gets. “Deep Talk” is what the bachelor calls it, for us it’s just the usual life coach chatter, which would nip any romantic emotion in the bud for us personally. You don’t want to talk to your partner like you would to a therapist, do you? Well, at least not all the time? Well, at least Henriette seems to think it’s okay, because later she gets the opportunity to kiss David for a long time. The tequila probably helped before.

The next morning, The Bachelor meets Rebecca, Lisa and Angelina to watch the sunrise over the Mexican mountains. Each of the three also gets a few minutes of in-depth chatting with David, during which Angelina can say things like: “I think it’s essential that you can visualize the future with the other person.” After planning their future children, she and David climb into the pool with the other two. “You don’t get a view like that every day,” jokes David. Zwinkizwonki.

Later, Lisa has even more time with the bachelor, who takes her on a walk through the vibrant small town. But as with all encounters in this episode: apart from kissing and superficial sentimentalism, we don’t learn anything new. But Alyssa deserves the crown of superficial sentimentality on the subsequent night of roses: She takes David aside and sniffles him and tells him that in the end she only wants his best, no matter which women he continues to choose. So selfless.

Rebecca makes more noise, thank God: she reveals that Chiara may not be serious about the bachelor. We remember: Chiara, with her cool, self-confident manner, is not popular with other women and has already applied for the “Bachelorette” unsuccessfully. Does that mean she doesn’t want David? No. Does it make everything more exciting when the other women and maybe David accuse her of it? Yes! In any case, the bachelor’s brain will be rattling for the rest of the evening. But he doesn’t dare to just ask.

When the roses are awarded, it becomes clear that two candidates will have to go. And in the end it’s Alyssa, who maybe just has experienced too much real life for David, and Rebecca. Alyssa’s dear wishes didn’t help in advance, and neither did Rebecca’s determined effort against competitor Chiara. That is despite the allegations on. The bachelor thinks she’s just too good.

And so it is Chiara, Angelina, Lisa and Henriette who are allowed to go on the “Dream Dates” with David next week. He reveals that they will take place in Brazil this year.