Despite the solid jury rating, it wasn’t enough in the end: Actress Lina Larissa Strahl danced it out on the RTL show “Let’s Dance”. With her cha-cha-cha to “Disco Paradise” she initially left four dance couples behind after the jury’s evaluation with 16 points. But after losing a “dance battle” and the telephone voting, the 26-year-old and dance partner Zsolt Sándor Cseke (36) were not able to advance to the next round.

“We really trained a lot and hard this week,” said Lina Larissa Strahl before the show. It is a huge challenge to be on the floor. After the performance, the jury encouraged Strahl: “I still see so much potential,” said Motsi Mabuse. She is a “super student”. Joachim Llambi also saw development. But things could develop a little faster, said the juror.

“You’re such a rampant”

At the first Italo Night of “Let’s Dance” the jury once again impressed singer Gabriel Kelly – this time with a cha-cha-cha. “You’re such a ramp pig,” said Motsi Mabuse. The show was bombastic. Joachim Llambi also recognized an improvement again and encouraged the 22-year-old to take even more risks. There were 26 points for the dance.

Jana Wosnitza also received a lot of praise for her Charleston to “Felicità”. Llambi said it was her best dance of the season so far. The jury gave it a total of 23 points; just as many as for Stefano Zarrella. According to Motsi Mabuse, the food creator made a real comeback with his Charleston.

Emotions in Contemporary

Detlef D started with tears in his eyes! Soost in the Contemporary. In the clip, the 53-year-old remembered a bad stay in the hospital: “I was afraid of dying during that time.” Motsi Mabuse said that during the performance of “Caruso” you could feel the drama of the piece of music. The jury gave 21 points for the dance.

Sophia Thiel dedicated the contemporary “Torna a Casa” to her family. Because family means everything to her, said the 28-year-old. She also had tears running during training. She is a strong woman with a strong story, said Joachim Llambi after the performance. Motsi Mabuse particularly liked the emotional and quiet moments.

Baby happiness at Let’s Dance

Ann-Kathrin Bendixen wanted to give everything for dance partner Valentin Lusin’s newborn baby. The good news had already come during the day: According to RTL, the two “Let’s Dance” professionals Renata and Valentin Lusin have become parents to a little daughter. In front of a cheering audience, the program congratulated the parents. Even before the birth, RTL had stated that Lusin would be represented on the live show by his colleague Mikael Tatarkin.

“I have never been as nervous in my life as I am now,” said Ann-Kathrin Bendixen before the show. After the performance, the 23-year-old jumped into her dance partner’s arms with relief. However, the jury only gave eleven points for the tango. “That was a brutal tango,” said Jorge González. Nevertheless, it was enough to advance to the next round.

Nausea and “Dance Battle”

Entertainer Biyon Kattilathu didn’t vomit during his Viennese waltz. The 39-year-old was already struggling with nausea during training during fast turns. Dance partner Marta Arndt said before the show that she had never seen anyone get so sick while dancing. Kattilathu finally made it, but also had to face criticism from the jury. Joachim Llambi called the footwork a “catastrophe”.

Actor Mark Keller only received ten points. She couldn’t forgive so many mistakes, said Motsi Mabuse. Tony Bauer also scored slightly fewer points (14) than in previous weeks. The 28-year-old drove onto the parquet on a Vespa. “You were far too hesitant,” said Joachim Llambi.

There was also a “dance battle” at the end of the show. The celebrities danced against each other in two groups. The winners received ten points and the losers eight points added to the jury score. “Team Verde” with Lina Larissa Strahl, among others, lost.