The young models from “Germany’s Next Top Model” were mainly wet and naked. They were only allowed to wear a transparent raincoat and a scanty privacy screen in front of the camera this week. This took a lot of effort for Xenia from Hof ​​in Bavaria. Nevertheless, she convinced model mom Heidi Klum and British photographer Rankin. Marvin, on the other hand, didn’t deliver enough. He had to leave the talent show. Now there are eleven Klum protégés left.

Before we got down to business, the models had other orders waiting for them this week. They should sell moments – and thus advertise plastic eyelashes and deodorant sprays. Shirtless and wearing black patent leather, four of the candidates also created masculine energy in a music video by Austrian singer Kaleen, who recently competed for her home country in the Eurovision Song Contest. Surprisingly exhausting, summed up candidate Jermaine. 

For the decisive shoot this week, the models were supposed to slip into “a transparent nothingness” or a “hint of nothingness”. They discovered this when they arrived at the scene of the biggest shooting of the week. “This isn’t some kind of dirty shoot,” Armin encouraged himself and his colleagues beforehand. However, some of the models showed concern instead of courage. What if family and friends see me like this? They don’t have much on, Klum also admitted. “But then they have to pay attention to every detail.” 

“The pants are gone!”

“Did you know that there are underpants like this – for men?” and “Do you feel naked?” As a greeting, Klum immediately asked the crucial questions that got to the heart of what the challenge was. Only a small piece of skin-colored fabric covered the models’ private areas. The first in the rain was Linus. Klum announced: “There’s a huge monsoon storm coming your way.” Then she sang the song of the same name by Tokio Hotel – her husband Tom Kaulitz’s band – and suddenly: “The pants are gone!”. And Linus’ shooting is over. 

Next week the young models will have to overcome their fear again. This time not naked in the wet, but meters above an abyss. “When I saw the crane, I knew: My life could end today,” said Jermaine, describing the situation.