In the second episode of “Sommerhaus der Stars”, a supposedly loud “snot” while brushing teeth escalated the already tense situation between Aleks Petrovic (32) and Can Kaplan (27). In episode three (Tuesday, 8:15 p.m. on RTL – also on RTL), a chicken in response to a watermelon widens the gap between Can, his partner Valentina Doronina (23) and the rest even further – and drags another couple into it Abyss. But first things first.

Vanessa Nwattu (23) carried a watermelon into the garden, cut into bite-sized pieces. Everyone makes fun of it, except for Valentina and Can. After all, the couple is “public enemy number one” (Claudia Obert) in the house and is therefore isolated. As revenge, Can and Valentina demonstratively prepare a whole chicken. The only thing in the fridge. When the residents get wind of the roasting, almost only bones are left. Valentina claims to have made the bird for the whole team, but the tablecloth is cut.

Claudia Obert (61) has other worries: “There’s nothing left to drink.” She doesn’t understand the fuss surrounding the food and who prepares it for whom and when. She has no interest in company cook Edith Stehfest’s (28) meals anyway: “The food tastes the way it looks.” Edith heard the statement and doesn’t want to let it go. “Your style is just not your thing,” Claudia half-backs up. And continues with a verbal rampage.

Claudia commits sympathy suicide completely without necessity. Distributes collectively against the “psychosomatic clinic”, calls Justine a “boring cow” and attacks Pia Tillmann (37), who is sitting alone, for no reason. The otherwise so controlled black queen of reality TV is completely hollow. Why? “No alcohol for twelve hours,” the roommates speculate.

The next morning, a game provides distraction. As usual, the couples no longer tear each other apart, but rather among themselves. For Aleks and Vanessa it starts with breakfast. She is more than just annoyed by his paternalism: “I don’t have to do anything here.”

The game is once again predestined to intensify internal couple tensions. The men have to drill through a wooden ceiling from below (not with a cordless screwdriver, of course) and pop balloons that are attached to the board. The women have to guide their partners from above with a glass of champagne in their hand. Communication is once again key, and this is where all couples struggle.

With Maurice Dziwak (25) and Ricarda Raatz (31), however, it’s entirely up to him. The self-proclaimed lion simply can’t penetrate the ceiling with the hand drill. The proud scion of a working-class family is completely desperate and in total denial. At least this time he doesn’t blame his girlfriend for the failure. Justine and her boyfriend Arben Zekic (28) win the game with nine burst balloons.

Justine/Arden are therefore safe from the first elimination. Just like the Stehfests, Pia and Zico as well as Valentina and Can. They earned protection in the first two episodes.

Aleks and Vanessa already see themselves on the brink, after all, not only have they messed up with Valentina and Can, but they are also considered a strong couple. But Claudia Obert saved her with her misfire the day before. The entrepreneur and her Max (25) received the most votes and had to go. Of all things, the biggest name in the season is the first to leave.

What was it about? According to Claudia, she was overqualified for the show: “You can’t be that stupid that you don’t notice that I’m playing in a completely different league.” She didn’t get involved in the game, seemed arrogant and not ambitious enough, according to her summer house competitors. “They’re all driving themselves crazy for 50,000 euros,” the entrepreneur giggled at the beginning of this episode. This attitude now became her downfall.

Claudia says goodbye with a quote from director legend Billy Wilder (1906-2002): “Never be boring”. She is disappointed with the squadron and the “bloodless bores” in it. Was her lashing out in this episode a desperate cry to be freed from the “average pussies”? Or has the “TV icon” (at least that’s the respectful assessment of her roommates) been told?