She is now 88 years old, lives married in Saint-Tropez, and she shot her last film 50 years ago. That’s, Brigitte Bardot thinks, long enough ago to finally be left alone. She really doesn’t understand why people care at all about what she used to do. One can well imagine that the Bardot does not say the word “people”, but rather spits it out. Since leaving the cinema, she has lived solely for animal welfare and at times got lost in populist and right-wing extremist worlds of thought.

First of all, and to understand that this angry woman wanted nothing to do with how mother-son directing duo Danièle and Christopher Thompson filmed the actress’ young years in a six-part series. “Do what you want,” she wrote, and the Thompsons, mother Daniele, 81, who had been nominated for an Oscar before, did. The result with “Bardot” is something tiring and exciting at the same time. Or to put it another way: something very old-fashioned, almost fussy, which is reminiscent of German “Ku’damm 56” TV in terms of imagery, but can tell a powerful story underneath.

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