The private broadcaster ProSieben wants to build on old successes with the “Quatsch Comedy Club” and will present the “Quatsch Comedy Show” on Wednesdays from April 17th. The new format is hosted by comedy greats Khalid Bounouar and Tahnee.

“In the new comedy show series, the two welcome Germany’s best stand-up comedians, proven performers and hot newcomers – including Chris Tall, Cindy from Marzahn, Ralf Schmitz, Mirja Boes, Guido Cantz, Abdelkarim, Mirja Regensburg, Michael Mittermeier , Ana Lucia, Sascha Grammel, Lisa Feller and Simon Pearce,” announced ProSieben. “Ingmar Stadelmann and Ilka Bessin are also regular guests in their own section.” ProSieben promises “comedy in all facets, with funny actions, parodies, music productions and a lot of show”.

The show runs later on Wednesday evening at 9:25 p.m. after the successful “TV total”. ProSieben has also just launched another comedy format in the slot: “Bratwurst

“Quatsch Comedy Show” host Tahnee said, according to the station’s statement: “I’m happy that Nonsense is coming back to TV. Especially in these times, there’s so much going on and so much heaviness everywhere in the room and in people’s hearts. I I think we could all use a little nonsense.”

“Life is unbearable without nonsense”

And Khalid Bounouar confessed: “There’s a lot of nonsense in me! Just nonsense! Life is unbearable without nonsense. That’s therapy. We need nonsense. And together with Tahnee you can just be crazy. I’m really looking forward to that: Two Comedians who can be stupid with each other.”

The “Nonsense Comedy” cosmos goes back to a stage show by entertainer Thomas Hermanns that began in Hamburg in 1992. Hermanns has made the US concept of stand-up comedy socially acceptable in this country. With the shows, which were later broadcast on television, many well-known comedians became big, including Carolin Kebekus, Dieter Nuhr and Ilka Bessin. The “Quatsch Comedy Club” moved to Berlin in the 90s. The stage shows are still there today.

The program was initially shown on the screen on the pay channel Premiere, then from 1997 on ProSieben. For a while, the format was extremely image-generating for the station. Recently, however, only a few special editions of the “Quatsch Comedy Club” could be seen there. Thomas Hermanns said goodbye in December 2022.