The Dark Academia style catches the eye of anyone browsing TikTok, Instagram

Dark Academia is a fashion style inspired by classical education and intellectual culture. Dark colors and vintage elements are used. Berets, chic handbags, slippers and, and, and. The range of the Dark Academia style is large, the combination possibilities almost limitless. The only no-go: bright colors. Instead, earthy tones are the dress code. These two characteristics characterize the Dark Academia fashion style:

Dark colors like black, brown, dark green, deep red and navy blue

Classic garments such as blouses, shirts, flannel trousers, wool sweaters, corduroys, checked shirts, suits, ties and dresses

The style is influenced by academic and literary themes and often combines elements from different eras, such as the Victorian era. The following items of clothing complement the Dark Academia style.

The beret is a stylish and interesting detail to a Dark Academia outfit. The fashion trend takes inspiration from classic European styles. Also known as a beret, the headgear has its roots in the Basque Country, a region in northern Spain and southwest France. It makes the Dark Academia style particularly chic.

Long-sleeved shirts in muted colors like white, beige, gray, black, and navy are good choices. Checked shirts, lumberjack shirts and shirts with a striped pattern also fit the Dark Academia style. Jumpers, cardigans and cardigans made of wool, cashmere or cotton in muted colors are particularly popular on cold days. Blouses with lace, flounces or bows can be worn on warmer days.

Wool or cotton dress pants are good choices. The cut should be classic and straight. But corduroy trousers are also an excellent choice for the Dark Academia style. They are strong and durable with a classic appearance. Chinos and tweet pants also fit well into the concept. You should also pay attention to muted colors such as khaki, beige or dark blue. The cut should be classic and straight.

The classic wool coat is a must-have. It’s elegant and keeps you warm. The blazer also goes well with the Dark Academia style. The blazer can be worn with shirts or sweaters and gives the outfit a formal touch – just like the trench coat. Dark Academia style jackets should generally have classic cuts. The color palette is muted and earthy, with an emphasis on black, grey, brown, beige and dark blue.

Timeless, stylish shoes go perfectly with the Dark Academia style. However, you can always be creative and experiment with different styles and materials. Classic lace-up shoes, Chelsea boots that reach to the ankle and have elastic side panels match the rest of the outfit. Whether high or flat, both are possible.

Handbags that match the Dark Academia style should share a similar aesthetic and be chosen in colors and materials that complement the rest of the outfit. Leather handbags are often timeless and classic. But backpacks and pouch bags are also allowed. A classic shoulder bag made of leather or fabric in a dark color can also go well with the Dark Academia style. Simple and functional, these bags are good for everyday use.

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