There are some prominent names among the top ten artists whose albums have been in the German charts for the longest time: Helene Fischer, Ed Sheeran and the Beatles, for example. Musicians that someone knows. For a few weeks now, at the top of this ranking has been a woman whose name most music fans have probably never heard of: Simone Sommerland.

With their album “The 30 Best Play and Movement Songs,” Sommerland has been in the charts for 460 weeks – that’s more than eight years in total. The record was released in August 2010, and about six months later it made it into the top 100 for the first time. The album is still there – and is now the long-running chart favorite in Germany.

But why, with so much success, (almost) no one knows Simone Sommerland? The title of their album (and those of many other releases) makes it clear: Sommerland’s music is not played in clubs or on the radio, but is aimed at children. With songs like “A Bi-Ba-Butzemann is dancing,” almost everyone immediately has music in their ears.

In the stern interview, Sommerland answered the question about her unfamiliarity as follows: “You could hear my songs in daycare centers, children’s rooms, sometimes even in the car. People definitely know me, just not from television.” With the project Simone Sommerland, Karsten Glück

In the list of long-running chart favorites, Sommerland has replaced the Swedish pop group Abba at the top, which previously topped the list with their “Greatest Hits” album from the nineties. Abba was in the top 100 of the charts for 449 weeks. She has long since left Helene Fischer and Andrea Berg with their best-of albums behind. Her successful album sold more than 640,000 units. A value that arose over a long time – because when it comes to chart positions, Sommerland never got above number 31 (in January 2021).

Source: Official Charts

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