Sarah Jessica Parker (59) raises her daughters very differently when it comes to nutrition than she was raised herself. In the podcast “Ruthie’s Table 4” the actress reports that when she was a child, no sugar, chocolate or cookies were allowed at home.

With her twins now 14, Parker has taken a different path. “I didn’t want them to think of food as the enemy,” explains the “Sex and the City” star. Because of the strict rules in her parents’ house, Parker and her siblings bought “a lot of cakes and cookies” as soon as they moved out. She wants her daughters to have a balanced approach to sweets.

“In our house we have cookies, cake, everything. And that makes you have a better relationship,” says Sarah Jessica Parker. And further: “My daughters will have the figures they have and hopefully they will be healthy.” Parker describes the two 14-year-old daughters as athletes who like to eat. “I hope they can maintain the desire for the experience and their enjoyment of the taste.”

Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick (62) have been married since 1997. They have three children together: son James Wilkie (21) and twin girls Tabitha and Marion.