The Austrian building contractor Richard “Mörtel” Lugner (91) and Simone Reiländer (42) are a couple again. “Little Bee,” as he calls her, moved in with him over Easter with two dogs and two cats. The two were already a couple two and a half years ago.

“We’ve done a lot together lately and realized that we belong together,” says Lugner about the love comeback to the “Bild” newspaper. He then suggested that they “try each other again.” In order for their love to last this time, the two now want to “make more compromises for each other.”

The two also have shared financial plans. “She’s a pretty woman, business-minded and punctual,” enthuses the man who causes a stir every year, especially with his guests at the Vienna Opera Ball, about Reiländer.

With the last two qualities mentioned, she apparently also qualifies for his company. “That’s why Bienchen should also take on leading roles in my ‘Lugner City’ shopping center. She is still the branch manager in a ‘Hornbach hardware store’ and knows the subject,” says the 91-year-old Viennese.

It is not at all unlikely that Lugner and Reiländer will also get married. “We’re on the best path. Bienchen has never been married before, I’ve been married five times,” he explains and adds: “She should be protected when I say goodbye. That’s why I’ll also revise my will. Because whoever lives with me, If I die, I shall inherit accordingly.”

“Mörtel” and “Bienchen” appeared together in public for the first time in June 2021. They met after his dating appeal in a newspaper. There was talk of engagement and baby plans. Immediately after Christmas 2021, he confirmed the separation.

They had spent the festival of love and Christmas Day together with other relatives. “We had many nice hours together. But we came to the conclusion that we are two different characters who don’t harmonize well enough,” he told the “Bild” newspaper at the time as the reason for the end of love.