Many fans of Helene Fischer (38) were looking forward to March 21st. The start of her new tour, for which she is working with Cirque du Soleil, should have taken place in Bremen tomorrow. However, due to an injury, the pop singer has to postpone the premiere. On Monday evening, Fischer reported to her followers with an Instagram post, in which she announced the short-term postponement of the upcoming concerts.

“Everyone is doing their best and with every day that ends productively, I’m looking forward to seeing you all again and proudly presenting our show to you,” writes Fischer. “Sometimes higher powers are at work and I regret to inform you that I fractured my ribs during rehearsals.” With a heavy heart she had to “postpone the premiere”. The team is currently working on “finding alternative dates for Bremen and Cologne to catch up on the concerts”. The performances planned so far should not be canceled completely.

After concerts in Bremen, Fischer would also have wanted to play several shows in Cologne. On the website of the organizer Live Nation it says in a nutshell: “Helene Fischer has to postpone the start of the tour. Rib fracture during acrobatics rehearsals forces break. Premiere now on April 11 in Hamburg. Bremen and Cologne concerts will be rescheduled.” Exactly when is not clear at the moment. After Hamburg, stations are planned in Dortmund, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Berlin, Munich, Vienna and Zurich, among others.

“I hope you know how sorry I am, because I know how happy it is that it’s finally starting and how much inconvenience a transfer entails for you,” Fischer continues. Some fans not only wish “get well soon” in the comments, but also express their sympathy for others who may have already arrived. “Believe me, I would have wished it differently, but I have to follow urgent medical advice,” explains Fischer. And she asks: “We’ll catch up and then we’ll celebrate like crazy, ok?!”