Renata Lusin (36) and husband Valentin Lusin (37) contacted their fans in an Instagram story. The “Let’s Dance” dancers announced the birth of their daughter a few days ago. In their clip from Saturday (March 23rd) they thanked them for the “incredible amount of congratulations. We can’t even manage to answer them all. We are overjoyed and on the way home,” it says in the text.

“I think this is what the happiest parents in the world look like,” Valentin Lusin, who is standing in front of the hospital with his wife and daughter in his arms, told the camera. “We are now out of the hospital and are going home,” explained Renata Lusin and added: “We will report in detail tomorrow.” The Lusins’ thanks also went to the Florence Nightingale Hospital in Düsseldorf, where the two of them “will definitely give birth here with our second child at some point,” emphasized Renata Lusin.

After the birth, the official Instagram account of “Let’s Dance” said: “Little Stella was born on March 21st weighing 3,900 grams and 56 cm.” Mother and child are doing well. There was also a first photo of the new parents with their baby from the hospital. “I am the happiest dancer in the world,” Valentin Lusin was quoted as saying.

The Lusins ​​have been together for around 20 years and married since 2014. The dancer couple has been part of the RTL dance show “Let’s Dance” since 2018. Valentin Lusin won the show in 2023 together with Anna Ermakova (24) and is dancing with Ann-Kathrin Bendixen (24) this year. Renata won in 2021 with Rúrik Gíslason (36), but she is missing from the current 17th season due to her pregnancy. The professional dancer sat out the 16th season due to pregnancy, but suffered a miscarriage.