Sophia Thomalla and Alexander Zverev apparently work perfectly as a couple. The duo not only looks good enough to eat together, they also seem to get along really well in terms of relationships. Thomalla has now revealed at an event how this works despite a long-distance relationship.

There, Thomalla in a black blazer, converted into a tight mini dress, and the tennis player attracted everyone’s attention at the weekend. The moderator and Zverev have been a couple since 2021, have a long-distance relationship for work and only see each other every now and then. However, things are going smoothly between the two.

The couple is revealing the formula for success more and more often and apparently likes to talk about love for each other – and how the completely different life models can be combined despite a busy schedule. But that’s not easy: Thomalla recently emphasized in the documentary “Zverev – The Unfinished” on RTL that the couple “doesn’t have a simple life together”. “Alex, with the unbelievable amount of sports he has and the continuity he has to go through again and again and my life, which is anything but continuous,” says the 33-year-old, “it’s not 24/7 red roses.”

Still, love endures. Why is that? Thomalla suspects that the two are opposites. “It’s just good for me, although we’re totally different. Alex is very emotional, I’m not so much,” reveals the moderator recently in an interview with Gala.

At the event, the brunette gave further insights into their relationship. When asked by “RTL” how Zverev and she manage to ensure that their relationship does not fall by the wayside despite the temporary work-related restrictions, Thomalla replies: “In fact, I have to say that Facetime really simplifies it. I can even do that I can’t imagine how you couldn’t see each other back then, had a bad connection, bad internet, shitty WLAN. We’ve gotten everything sorted out these days.”

But not only thanks to digitization, but also to the attitude towards the matter. Thomalla adds: “I have a job, he knows that. He has a job and I know that too. It’s all a question of arranging and mutual respect. We’ll manage that.” And they have proven that many times in the past. Thomalla can always be seen at tennis star games, and the two are regularly seen on trips together.

In an interview with “Bunte”, Zverev says: “Sophia is there where she can and where the job allows her. After all, she is a successful woman herself.” Both have their tasks in life, the couple then tries to use the time together as well as possible. And the fact that they don’t spend 24/7 together doesn’t seem to bother Thomalla either. “I don’t need that validation and that constant ‘being the center of attention’ to feel good personally,” she says.

When asked if there is currently a desire to have a family, Thomalla replies: “As a woman, I still have certain things that I want to do before I want to settle down completely.” And Zverev also avoids. “Next question,” counters the tennis pro.

Thomalla and Zverev are said to have met through mutual friends. The presenter was previously married to musician Andy LaPlegua for 14 months, and her list of contenders also included Rammstein singer Till Lindemann, musician Gavin Rossdale and professional soccer player Loris Karius. Zverev brings a daughter from his relationship with ex-girlfriend Brenda Patea.

Source: “Gala”, “RTL”, “Bunte”