Princess Kate (42) and King Charles III. (75) currently share the same fate. Both were diagnosed with cancer after surgery at the beginning of the year. Her illness brings the monarch and his daughter-in-law even closer together.

The relationship between the two has been considered close and familiar for years. From the beginning, Charles is said to have warmly welcomed the woman into the family alongside his son William (41). In her 2010 engagement interview, Kate said she “was pretty nervous” before meeting Charles for the first time. However, “it really couldn’t have been easier for me.” The heir to the throne at the time was “very, very warm and very friendly” to her. So Charles probably had no problem when William proposed to Kate after eight years of dating. After the engagement, he said he was “thrilled” and “delighted” about the news.

At the wedding in April 2011, Charles is said to have even brought his daughter-in-law to tears. Several guests revealed that he made a loving speech about Kate at the reception shortly after the wedding: “She is the daughter I never had,” he is said to have said. And further: “We are very lucky to have her with us.”

Over the past few years, he has repeatedly spoken warmly about Kate and raved about her as his “beloved daughter-in-law.” In public, the two also show their mutual affection through gestures, as the British body language expert Judi James has analyzed. You can tell from their hugs and looks that “a very close relationship” has developed.

As “The Sun” summarized, Kate and her father-in-law have a lot in common. Even though they grew up very differently and come from different generations, they are surprisingly similar. Like Charles, it is important to the princess to spend as much time in nature as possible. Charles is said to enjoy bird watching with his three grandchildren, George (10), Charlotte (8) and Louis (5). This is also due to Kate: she encouraged him to spend a lot of time with his grandchildren, for which he is very grateful. She also seems to call Charles “Grandpa”, as a lip reader claims to have recognized at the G7 summit in Cornwall. The affectionate nickname shows how close the two are.

The king also values ​​his daughter-in-law as a photographer and had her photograph him in a private moment with his eldest son. The Clarence House then used the image for William’s birthday. Kate reportedly helped Charles and William reconnect after a difficult father-son relationship. She is said to have tried for a long time to mediate in the dispute with Prince Harry (39). Charles is said to greatly appreciate this commitment to the family.

Kate has also proven to him over the years that the royal family can rely on her. That’s why he only gave her an important role last year. At a crisis summit at Balmoral Castle, Charles presented his concept for a slimmed down, modern monarchy with just four important royals. Above all, he wanted to make even greater use of Kate’s “star qualities” and her popularity.

It is all the more bitter for the king that his beloved daughter-in-law is now also so seriously ill. Back in January, he gave her comfort after her operation – and shortly before his prostate procedure, which he had carried out in the same clinic – in a dressing gown, the Sunday Times reported, he is said to have visited Kate at her bedside and encouraged her. After their time together at the London Clinic, Charles “remained in close contact with his beloved daughter-in-law over the last few weeks.” So he met Kate for lunch on March 22nd – a few hours before her cancer announcement. Kate really wanted to hear his advice. A source told the British Sun that he was “very moved” by the meal together at Windsor Castle.

Charles, in turn, was one of the first to speak out after her video message with a statement: “His Majesty is so proud of Catherine for her courage to speak the way she did.” Like Kate, he is currently undergoing cancer treatment – and can therefore continue to be a good advisor and an important confidant for her.