Easter for the Royals is different this year than in previous years. Due to their illness, Princess Kate (42) and Prince William (41) did not take part in the traditional Easter Sunday service as usual.

Nevertheless, the two royals made their presence known at Easter. On the last day of the month, the heir to the throne and his wife shared a look back at this particularly eventful March on social media. In their Instagram stories and on

Below are photos, videos and information from Williams’ official visits, such as the Earthshot Prize “Launchpad” event, with Queen Camilla (76) at the Commonwealth Day celebrations, St. Patrick’s Day parades and celebrations and congratulations to the winners and winners of the Diana Awards, which celebrated its 25th anniversary this year.

The royals also don’t leave out the princess’s private message, which has caused by far the most headlines this month: they share the famous video of Princess Kate, in which she sits on a park bench and talks about her cancer for the first time Royals at the end of the review too. The simple headline reads: “A message from Catherine, Princess of Wales”.

The last slide includes thanks to the various organizations that accompanied and visited the royals in March. Prince William and Princess Kate began the social media recaps in September last year.

While the review will probably remain the only sign of life from William and Kate at Easter, King Charles (75) attended the service in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle on Easter Sunday despite his cancer.