On May 6th King Charles III. (74) crowned at Westminster Abbey in London. The most discussed question about the multi-day celebrations is currently whether Prince Harry (38) and his wife, Duchess Meghan (41), will take part. There is no official confirmation so far, but according to insiders, the palace apparently wants to be prepared for it. According to a report by the Daily Mail, preparations are being made in Great Britain.

Employees involved in the organization have been instructed to include the Sussexes in the planning. “Harry and Meghan are included in all the planning…the cars, the seating plans, meal prep, everything,” an anonymous source is quoted as saying. “No one knows for sure if that means they have definitely accepted [the invitation] – it could of course be just in case they do – but it’s definitely not a ‘no’.”

The couple, who live in California with their children Archie (3) and Lilibet (1), were apparently only invited a few days ago. “I can confirm that the Duke has recently received email correspondence from His Majesty’s Office regarding the coronation,” a spokesman for the duo said, according to Roya Nikkhah, Royal Editor of The Sunday Times. However, it was also put into perspective: “We will not announce an immediate decision as to whether the Duke and Duchess will participate at this time.” Another insider has now explained: “There are indications that they are coming, although there is still a lot to be clarified beforehand.”

As part of the publication of Harry’s autobiography “Reserve” (original title: “Spare”) in January, there had been speculation over the past few weeks as to whether Harry and Meghan would participate. In several interviews, a Netflix documentary and the Prince’s book, Harry and Meghan have repeatedly criticized members of the British royal family since emigrating to the United States in 2020. In particular, the relationship between Harry and his older brother, Prince William (40), is considered extremely tense.