Patricia Blanco (52) is followed by cameras in the new celebrity documentary series “VIPs only! Jet-setting around the world” (first episode on September 18th at 5:05 p.m. on RTLzwei, after broadcast for 30 days on RTL available). “I love reality formats because you can show yourself as you are,” explains Blanco about her new TV presence in an interview with the news agency spot on news. The reality TV actress will be seen in the series during the separation phase from her ex-fiancé Andreas Ellermann (58). Filming wasn’t always easy for her, “because the separation was absolutely not nice.”

It’s always sad to separate “and I was and am very sad about how this separation took place. Looking back, I should have seen the warning signs sooner,” says Blanco. The couple separated in May after four years, after which reports emerged that Ellermann claimed his ex-partner didn’t want to leave his house. Blanco explains in the interview that she was very horrified by how she was treated. “I can’t move into a hotel from now on after four years. With two dogs, I need a decent apartment. That just takes time. My move and how I deal with it will also be a big thing and show in the new Daily documentary series how it happened to me.”

Today she is doing well and is happy with God, “because this man and his environment don’t suit me. I’m working on my independence and it’s fun. I’m looking forward to the new tasks and projects that come my way.” On the one hand, she is currently given strength by a four-legged friend who will also be seen in the series: “My horse Hofzauber is the best thing in my life. I think he was also the best thing about this relationship.” On the other hand, she also introduces her therapist in the show: “We have been working together all year and exchange ideas every day. She helps me a lot to process and understand what has happened and I can also help other people with it.”

And so, after the separation, Blanco is looking positively into the future and making plans: “I’m planning a lot of projects and presenting on TV. My new song is currently coming out and the first appearances have already been confirmed. We’ll be shooting a music video for that soon and a new shoot.” Her dream would also be to have her own show, “where I can help people get out of life crises, I now know how to do it…”

In the documentary series “VIPs only! Around the world with the jet set” other German celebrities will give Blanco an insight into their turbulent lives. Included are Djamila Rowe (56), who takes on new challenges as a jungle queen, Calvin Kleinen (31), who accompanies him at his music performances, Valentina Doronina (23), who conquers Berlin Fashion Week with her partner Can, and Fürst Heinz by Sayn-Wittgenstein (69), who introduces his new Brazilian partner.