Paris Hilton (42) gave intimate insights into her married life with Carter Reum (42) in her podcast. Her husband was a guest on the latest episode of “I am Paris,” which came out on April 17. The hotel heiress and the businessman have been married since November 2021. Before that, they were a couple for two years.

The secret of their marriage: Spending a lot of time together. And lots of cuddles. “We are real fans of cuddling and kissing. These are our favorite things to do,” reveals Carter Reum. “We never leave the house. We mainly cuddle, kiss and play with baby P”.

Baby P means their son, Phoenix Barron Hilton Raum. He was born in January 2023. A surrogate mother carried him.

Another trick for successful marital intimacy? A bubble bath every night, as Paris Hilton adds. “We’re very regular bubble bath users,” agrees Carter Reum.

The glamor couple not only gave the listeners a glimpse into the bathroom, but also into the kitchen. In the USA, many people eat tacos on Tuesdays (Taco Tuesdays), apparently also at Hilton-Reum. And as Reum reveals, people dance while preparing it.

Paris Hilton and Carter Reum harmonize not only with the little friends of everyday life. They also help each other with business matters. They try to “make each other the best version of us,” says Reum. He tells himself every day that he is the “happiest man in the world” because “I still don’t know why you chose me.”

Paris Hilton returns the compliment: “I feel so lucky that I found you at the perfect time. You are just the best.”