Since 2005, King Charles III. (74) and Queen Camilla (75) already married. The 75-year-old family has so far largely stayed away from the royal limelight. That could change around the coronation of the royal couple on May 6th in Westminster Abbey.

At least Tom Parker Bowles (48) has now spoken up and spoken about his mother Camilla and her marriage to the then heir to the throne Charles. That doesn’t happen often, even when Parker Bowles makes public appearances.

The 48-year-old has apparently responded to allegations made by Prince Harry (38) with his recent comments. In his autobiography and interviews, Harry had described his stepmother as “dangerous”, among other things. He claimed she sacrificed him for her “campaign” – as part of a “long game” aimed at marriage and the crown for Camilla, according to Harry’s allegations.

Tom Parker Bowles explained that his mother simply “married the person she loves,” the author told The News Agents podcast. He said: “I think change happens, but I don’t care what anyone says – that wasn’t an endgame. She married the person she loved and that’s it.” He also said it wasn’t really strange for him to introduce himself to Camilla as “the queen” because “she’s still our mother”.

Like Charles, who was married to Princess Diana (1961-1997) from 1981 to 1996, Camilla has two children from a previous marriage: Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes (45) are from her relationship with Andrew Parker Bowles (83). She was married to him from 1973 to 1995.

Tom Parker Bowles is an author and critic specializing in the field of food. Inspiration for his career choice is said to have been his mother’s cooking skills and recipes. He received the 2010 Guild of Food Writers award for his work on British food. Parker Bowles is the author of several cookbooks and appears regularly on television shows, including the well-known cooking show MasterChef.

Tom Parker Bowles is not only Charles’ stepson, but also his godchild. Tom has two children, Lola Parker Bowles (born 2007) and Freddy Parker Bowles (born 2010) with his ex-wife Sara Parker Bowles. He married the journalist in 2005 and the couple separated in 2018. In 2019, Parker Bowles began dating journalist Alice Procope. She died in March 2021 as a result of cancer.

Laura Lopes, the King’s stepdaughter, is an art curator who ran The Space Gallery in London and in 2005 became co-founder and director of the Eleven gallery in the British capital.

Camilla’s daughter married businessman Harry Lopes, 45, in 2006, who used to be a Calvin dress model, according to The Sun. The couple have three children, Eliza Lopes (born 2008) and twins Louis Lopes and Gus Lopes, who were born in 2009. Eliza was the flower girl at the wedding of Prince William, 40, and Princess Kate, 41, in 2011.

Neither Camilla’s children nor grandchildren will become royals or titles after the coronation. According to British media reports, they could appear at events more often than before, but they will not represent the British crown, it is said.

But that doesn’t seem to bother her. Speaking on the News Agents podcast, Tom Parker Bowles said: “They won’t see us at grand estates and call us the Duke of whatever. No. That would be appalling.”

Nonetheless, Camilla’s family has a special role to play in the coronation: her grandchildren Freddy, Louis and Gus will serve as her page of honor alongside her grandnephew Arthur Elliot. With it they will be seen in the procession down the nave of Westminster Abbey, wearing the robe of Camilla.

The Sunday Times also reported that Camilla’s grandchildren could also have a role in the anointing by holding the canopy. The anointing is the only part of the coronation ceremony where the king and queen are shielded from the public.

The role of the page of honor is not limited to the coronation itself. According to British media reports, this is designed for two or three years. Therefore, Camilla’s young relatives could continue to appear at official dates in the future.