The Italian mystery romance “The Tear Maker” is becoming a hit on Netflix despite receiving poor reviews. Within ten days, the young adult film, released on April 4th, was able to collect 33.2 million views worldwide, as the streaming service revealed. Views are hours watched divided by total running time.

Netflix describes the plot of the film with Caterina Ferioli (20) and Simone Baldasseroni (25) in the main roles as follows: “Nica and Rigel, who are adopted together after a hard childhood in an orphanage, notice that unexpected feelings bind them more closely to each other than thought.”

Book became popular on TikTok

The 105 minutes are a film adaptation of the book “Fabbricante di lacrime” (international title: “The Tearsmith”) by the Italian author Erin Doom. Little is known about the person behind this pseudonym – her name is said to be Emiliana and she is around 30.

The book was the best-selling novel in Italy in 2022. He became popular within the BookTok community on the TikTok platform. TikTok hypes are obviously being turned into film and streaming hits more and more quickly. According to some critics, directorial and acting sophistication falls by the wayside.

The international bestseller is scheduled to appear in Germany this summer under the title “The Tearsmith”. The publisher S. Fischer advertises it as a “romance sensation from Italy – hypnotic, atmospheric, captivating”.